Blueprint for a Future Ready Workforce

A 3-Stage Approach for Adopting Modern Management and Security

How IT adapts in times of change

When global events caused companies to make a rapid pivot to remote work, IT had no choice but to act fast. No matter where they were on the path to digital transformation, IT organizations across industries were responsible for onboarding a large number of employees onto new devices, managing a bigger population of distributed users, and keeping them all connected and secure. For teams still using traditional PC lifecycle management methods on their Windows devices, these new demands quickly became a massive headache—making it clear that a legacy approach is no longer adequate. IT teams taking a modern, cloud-native approach for managing their Windows 10 PCs find themselves in a better position to meet changing workspace demands.


Drive ongoing transformation


Strengthen security and achieve best-in-class management


Meet immediate employee needs

Modern management enables faster adaptation

When remote work was limited to a fraction of the employee population, most IT teams treated it as an exception. But instant, widespread adoption quickly revealed inadequacies and gaps in infrastructure, support, and security—along with rapidly escalating costs. It also revealed how much employee experience can fluctuate amid changing workplace conditions, and how critical good experiences are to keeping the business moving forward. Windows 10 modern management gives IT the ability to better meet the needs of end users no matter where they are located, making it easier to adapt as your distributed workforce grows or changes.

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