Object Storage.

Our intelligent, integrated approach redefines the purpose and value of data by combining enhanced cloud data management and accelerated performance to meet modern application demands.

Unleash Unstructured Data Value

Interact with all data, faster to drive value, improve decision making and gain more accurate insights.

Streamline cloud deployments with native support.

Support any workload from archives to analytics.

Optimize costs with 67% lower TCO than public cloud alone.

Automate and innovate with intelligent data management.

Govern and protect data from disasters and ransomware.

Extend data management to ROBO, edge and user devices.

Unleash Unstructured Data Value

As a final storage decision looms over Acme Corp., the IT team has one last meeting to decide what to recommend to the board.

Key Assets
Unlock Modern Backup and Recovery With Object Storage eBook

This eBook will review the risks of traditional data backup and recovery methods and how modern object storage can help keep your data safe.

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